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Want your children to fall in love with making music? Then it’s time to start singing and dancing with them!

(even if you think you can’t sing or dance)


And here’s why…

Did you know that based on a research study by Northwestern University scientists:

  • Musical training has a profound impact on other skills including speech and language, memory and attention, and even the ability to convey emotions vocally.
  • Children who have had music lessons tend to have a larger vocabulary and better reading ability than youngsters who haven’t had any musical training.
  • Learning music at an early age supports not just music learning, but ALL learning and provides a lifetime of enjoyment and benefits.

ONE HEART MUSIC is an early childhood music program designed for families with young children, infant to 5 years, to sing and make music.

With One Heart Music teachers, parents and children will learn that making music is fun! Through an energetic and playful musical celebration of songs, chants, instruments, dances, creative movement and finger plays, children will develop an internal feel for rhythms, tones, and tempo.

One Heart Music inspires children to have fun while making a lifelong musical connection with their parent, caregiver or teacher.

By making music together as a family, the parent and teacher get the opportunity to play a positive role model for music making, support the foundation for learning and create lasting musical memories.

♥  Early musical training develops brain areas involved with language and reasoning skills

♥  Music performance in a nurturing environment teaches young people to take risks and conquer fear

♥  Exposure to many different variations of music develops a deeper appreciation for all musical styles and cultures

♥  Making music in a group enhances teamwork and listening skills

♥  Music is integral to health allowing our heart and breathing rates to naturally speed up or slow down to match tempo and rhythm patterns

George Sellner is a former elementary school music teacher and Music Together Center Director/Teacher. He engages students with his energetic style, and is well versed in the language of “silly.” He believes learning is best done in a fun, playful, and nurturing environment and makes every class a party!



“George is great, entertaining, and totally down to earth!” — Paula, mom to Callie, 2 years old

“In class (my daughter) got more and more into dancing. Loves singing songs at home.” — Josh, dad to Kaila, 18 months old

“George’s class is so much fun! We can’t wait until next Saturday.” — Jasmine, mom to Aubrey, 23 months old

“We really enjoyed how relaxed and interactive it was. Eveylyn loved being surrounded by music and other babies. She particularly enjoyed your rendition of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It.’ George’s natural ability and passion for music clearly comes through to the class.” — Gina, mom to Evelyn, 12 months old


It’s Music Making Time!!!!

Discover a musical collection of Rock, Reggae, Hip-hop, Pop, Funk and Disney Musical all rolled into one awesome album. Just the thing to get you and your little ones shaking and at the same time, learning the fundamentals of making music!

So go grab your shaker/rhythm stick/dad’s leg and get moving.



Bring a One Heart Music Specialist to your preschool! We offer both morning and afternoon classes that are conveniently based at your school. We can tailor our music and movement lesson plans and class times to fit your school’s specific needs and schedule.

The founder of One Heart Music, George Sellner, engages preschool students in a developmentally appropriate level filled with energy that maintains focus during class times. George has experience as an elementary school music teacher and lead preschool teacher in a Montessori-inspired classroom, so he is devoted to integrating a musical curriculum that meets the child’s learning needs emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Preschool Center Directors, view flyer here and reserve your free introductory One Heart Music class at your preschool center. You can contact us here. In addition, One Heart Music is fully insured and our teachers have passed Live Scan background assessments.



I’m a proud father of a vivacious 8-year-old named Zoe. Along with my beautiful wife, Jadah (the co-founder and author of Simple Green Smoothies), we have aspired to take our gifts and make this world a more beautiful place to live for the next generations.

Since I can remember, I always loved making music, and i’s my passion to pass this love of music to kids. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area performing in theater productions, singing in bands, playing piano and guitar, singing in choirs, dancing Hip Hop, DJ’ing and making music any way I could.

I moved to Los Angeles to become a “rock star” and released two independent albums with rock bands and recorded two church worship albums with major labels. After Zoe was born, we moved to Kauai and opened our own creative play and learning center for the 5 and under crowd, called Little Sprouts Playhouse. I was certified as a Music Together Center Director/Teacher and worked as a creative arts camp director and music teacher for Hanalei Elementary School and as a choir director for All Saints Episcopal Church.

Most recently I’ve been a director, musical director and performer onstage with the children’s musical theatre company, Grand Performing Arts. My favorite moments have been performing as Cat in the Hat in Seussical the Musical, directing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and playing Fagin in Oliver.

I’ve worked as an Actor/Educator for 13 years with Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theater Programs, touring schools all over California, helping students make healthy choices. I’m a firm believer that in every child there is a genius and talents waiting to be ignited.

I look forward to making music with you and your family!

Musically yours,

George Sellner



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