Tips to get the most out of One Heart Music classes!

Tips to get the most out of One Heart Music Class!

-Model Making Music!!! Parents and caregivers are the primary teachers at this age, sing, dance, explore, have fun. Keep adult conversations to a minimum, singing and laughing at a maximum ๐Ÿ™‚

-Process over performance. It’s Ok if your child sits and stares, gets up and dances during the “sit down” songs, wanders around a little bit. Please don’t force them to make music, some kids just need to react naturally or watch then practice at home (I’m the same way) If they’re having too much fun, you can quietly intervene if you feel like your child is disrupting the experience of another family and feel free to leave the classroom and come back in a few minutes if needed. No Judgement, we’ve all been there ๐Ÿ™‚

-Play, Explore and Be Courageous. You will get out of class what you put in. Feel free to fail, make mistakes, be a little embarrassed. It’s a safe space for your child to see you acting out of your comfort zone. Dance like no one is looking.

-Be Present. One of the things I love most about making music is that it allows you to be in the moment, no thinking about the future or past, no disappearing into our screens. Keep your mind on how awesome it is to be in the moment making music with your child.

-Build Community Parenting and raising kids can be daunting and challenging, as we take on new roles and responsibilities while balancing self care with child care. Take advantage of our awesome One Heart Community and make friends with someone new. It takes a village to raise a child and this is our little village for 30-45 minutes a week. It’s a great place to practice socializing for the little ones and working on things like sharing, being kind, and empathy. I’ll try my best to make more opportunities for families to hang and play!

Keep Rockinโ€™ -George