One Heart Music Classes!

A Rockin’ Music class for kids up to 6 years old

An energetic parent-and-child music class that explores all genres of music. Are you ready to rock?! Each week explores a different genre, artist or theme in music—classic rock, The Beatles, reggae, hip hop, country, etc. We let the inspiration move us into learning.

In this 40-minute class, you and your child will spend QUALITY TIME together with a community of local families. Singing, dancing, playing instruments and being silly, while learning the foundations of music, early childhood education basics, character building and emotional awareness!! This class truly rocks!


The Ballet School Performing Arts(INDOOR, masks optional)

-1131 Locust St, SECOND FLOOR, Walnut Creek

Mondays-April 11-May 23 10 & 11am (7 weeks)

Tuesdays-April 12-May 31 10 & 11am (8 weeks)

Congregation B’nai Shalom(OUTDOOR, masks optional unless moved inside because of weather)

-74 Eckley Ln, Walnut Creek

Fridays-April 29-June 10 10am (7 weeks)


*SECOND SIBLING IS 50% OFF (discount taken at checkout) SIBLINGS UNDER ONE ARE FREE(No need to register under 1 sibling)!!!

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