Music Program

Inspire, Learn and Grow

One Heart Music is designed for families with young children, parents and children will learn that making music is fun!

One Heart Music Classes are a fun, entertaining and engaging introduction into the joy of making music. Together, children and families fall in love with making music while building a strong musical foundation that will last a lifetime.

Our programs are rooted in early childhood development techniques where children learn about rhythms, tones and tempo through songs, chants, instruments, dances, creative movement and finger plays.

Upcoming classes:

Tap into the joy of making music in a community.

It’s not just fun for the kids, it’s fun for the parents and caregivers, too. We’re tapping into your childs’ creativity and helping build pathways of self-expression.

Programs run in seasonal 6-10 week sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). And, each registered family receives a One Heart Music Volume 1 CD!


Inspire children to have fun with musical connections

Why Music Education?

By making music together as a family, the parent and teacher get the opportunity to play a positive role model for music making, support the foundation for learning and create lasting musical memories.

♥  Early musical training develops brain areas involved with language and reasoning skills

♥  Music performance in a nurturing environment teaches young people to take risks and conquer fear

♥  Exposure to many different variations of music develops a deeper appreciation for all musical styles and cultures

♥  Making music in a group enhances teamwork and listening skills

♥  Music is integral to health allowing our heart and breathing rates to naturally speed up or slow down to match tempo and rhythm patterns

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